When we receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are anointed with the Holy Spirit and reaffirm the promises made on our behalf in Baptism. In Baptism, whether an adult, child, or infant, we join the Christian community of believers. In Confirmation, we publicly commit ourself to a life as a Catholic Christian.

The confirmed individual is making the decision to dedicate their life to Catholic Christian values, and to serve the Catholic community.

Confirmation Eligibility Requirements

    • Has received the Sacrament of Baptism into the Catholic Church
    • Is attending Mass and receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly
    • Has already completed, or is currently enrolled in 8th grade
    • Has received at least a full year of Catholic formation, and was enrolled in a Catholic faith formation program the year prior to enrolling in Confirmation Preparation
    • In addition to Confirmation Preparation, is enrolled and actively participating in the parish regular/weekly Faith Formation Program (a.k.a. PREP) or Youth Ministry
    • Exception to the PREP requirement is that the Confirmand is enrolled in a Catholic school
    • Register by the parish’s prescribed deadline for Sacramental Preparation
    • Attend all six Confirmation Preparation sessions, held monthly
    • Submit copy of Baptismal Certificate to the Faith Formation Office by the prescribed deadline
    • Seek a Confirmation Sponsor who is also a practicing Catholic. See Sponsor Requirements below.
    • Attend the Confirmation Rehearsal

Sponsor Requirements

The Confirmation Sponsor is a person of influence over the spiritual life of the Confirmand. It must be somebody with whom the Confirmand has a relationship of trust, and who models the values of a Catholic Christian.

    • Must be a person who observes and practices the Catholic faith in and out of church
    • Receives the sacraments of Reconciliation and Communion frequently
    • Is attending Mass regularly
    • Whether married or single, must be living a Catholic lifestyle
    • If married, the marriage must be in the Catholic Church.

Confirmation Sponsor Form -English-2021

Confirmation Sponsor Form -Spanish – 2021

Preparing for Confirmation

Our catechesis for the Sacrament of Confirmation is held once a month. Confirmands (and their parents, if Confirmand is a minor) are expected to attend all sessions. Sponsors are also welcome to attend.

Confirmation Preparation is a mandatory program of the Diocese of Orlando. It is different, separate, and in addition to the P.R.E.P. classes. Registration is separate from P.R.E.P..

2020-2021 Session Schedule

All virtual Confirmation sessions are held on the ‘SIJ Teams’ portal. Times are announced prior to each session via parish communication channels (parish bulletin, emails, SIJ Teams, social media, web site).

Click here to download the 2020-2021 Confirmation Preparation Session Schedule

Please contact Marie Carmen Marrero, 2020-2021 Confirmation Coordinator, at if you  need access to SIJ Teams for your Confirmation sessions.

Confirmation Orientation: September 24, 2020 — Click here to download the Confirmation Orientation

1st Session:  October 8, 2020 — Click here to access the Confirmation Session One Video

2nd Session: November 5, 2020 — Click here to access the Confirmation Session Two Video

3rd Session: January 21, 2021 — Click here to access the Confirmation Session Three Video

4th Session: February 11, 2021 — Click here to access the Confirmation Session Four Video

5th Session:  March 11, 2021 (will not feature a video)

6th Session: April 15, 2021 (will not feature a video)

Confirmation Rehearsal – for Confirmands, sponsors and their families – April 29, 2021, 7:00pm at the church

Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation: Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 7:00p.m. at the church

Confirmation Dress Code

Click here to download the Confirmation Dress Code

The dress code for Confirmation is ELEGANT and MODEST. Confirmands should demonstrate respect for themselves, their sponsors, the church, their guests, the Bishop, and most importantly, God.

Ladies – Conservative & Elegant. Dress or skirt no higher than knee length. No evening gowns or dresses with high slits. No spaghetti straps, no bare backs or bare shoulders. No cleavage showing. Dress pants/slacks and dress shoes may be worn, however no shorts, jeans, no sports shoes or flip flops.

Gentlemen – Formal/Business Attire. Dress slacks, dress shirt, and dress shoes. Suits, jackets and ties are nice, but optional. No casual clothing – no t-shirts, shorts, jeans, sports shoes, or flip flops.

Sponsors – Observe the same dress code as your confirmand!

Parents and Invited Guests – Observe the same dress code as your confirmand!

Confirmation References

From the Catechism of the Catholic Church – found on

Code of Cannon Law – found on

Choosing a Confirmation name