Eucharistic Adoration Information and Guidelines

Main Phone: 407-249-0906

Adoration Line: 407-989-1341

Pastor: Father Jose Bautista

Parroquial Vicar: Father Enrique Guerra

Adoration Coordinators: Deacon Nelson and Maricela Garcia

Adoration Sub-Coordinators: Enrique and Bricella Barragan

Adoration Hours: Thursday 9AM through Sunday 7:45AM

  • Spending time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament deepens our relationship with Him, while he bestows grace upon us. God is really, truly, and substantially present in body, blood, soul and divinity!
  • Adoring Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is life changing. Grace will flow from Him to you, to your family, and to the parish.
  •  All it costs is time. “Can you not spend one hour with Me?” (Matt 26:40).

The following information and guidelines about Eucharistic Adoration answer many questions about what to do in regular, emergency, and “I-can’t-make-it” situations. Please let us know if you have any questions that are not addressed herein. Thank you for your willingness to serve Our Lord.

-The Adoration Coordinators-

My email is should you need to contact me.      


What is Eucharistic Adoration?

Because Christ’s presence in the Eucharist is real, true and substantial, not symbolic any consecrated hosts not consumed at Mass are reposed in the Tabernacle. EucharisticAdoration is a practice and devotion wherein a consecrated host—Jesus Himself—isbrought out of the tabernacle and placed in a monstrance, exposed for the faithful tosee, adore, venerate, and pray before. This practice finds its beginnings in the Garden ofGethsemane, when Jesus asked his apostles, “Could you not watch with me one hour?”(Matthew 26:40). This is the very invitation of Eucharistic Adoration: to keep watch with Jesus for one hour.

Welcome to the Adoration Chapel

General Information:

• The Blessed Sacrament must never be left alone.

• Each hour should be covered by at least two custodians but more if preferred in caseof illness or vacation. We want at least two per hour and can have as many as five Custodians per hour. Custodians should communicate via text, email, or phone call to ensure at least one Custodian is present during their assigned hour each week. DO NOT ASSUME someone else will be there. Make sure please.

Only the Adoration Coordinaor can change a committed Custodian’s day/time to ensure proper coverage of each hour.

• If you will stay for consecutive hours please sign-in for each hour so we canaccurately track your attendance for each hour. If there is another person present and you must use the bathroom, please motion to them to stay until you quickly get back after using the bathroom.

Chapel Etiquette

• Genuflect on both knees (preferred) or one knee, if physically able, or make some other sign of reverence such as a profound bow upon entering the real presence of the Lord and before entering your pew. You are standing on Holy Ground so please set a great example for others. Repeat when leaving your pew and the room.

• Respect the presence of our Lord, as well as those who are in the chapel praying.

• The chapel maintains a “grand monastic silence.” In order to make Adoration a peaceful, private time for each adorer:

o Turn your cell phone ringer OFF. You may use your cell phone or tablet for prayers, readings, or other spiritual resources, as long as you do so discretely and all sounds are turned OFF.

o Refrain from visiting or talking. If you need to talk to someone, leave the chapel and hold your conversation outside away from the doors. Note that conversations in the foyer can be heard in the chapel.

o No sermonizing or unscheduled events are allowed.

o Musical instruments, singing, and vocal prayer (praying out loud or in a whisper) are not permitted.

• Attire and decorum should be modest. Dress appropriately and take off your hat.

• Do not bring any food, drink, or chewing gum into the chapel.

• Do not touch the monstrance holding our Lord with your hands.

• Late night and early morning Custodians MUST NEVER leave Our Lord alone and are  encouraged to keep in close contact via text/cell phone with the next hour’s Custodians and Adoration Coordinators in the case of an emergency. Failure to do so jeopardizes adoration at Saint Isaac Jocgues and we MUST avoid this if we are ever going to have perpetual adoration. Planning is key and we are always trying to have multiple Custodians for every hour. We allow for up to five Custodians per hour so help us recruit more custodians whenever you can.

• Parents are encouraged to bring their children to adoration. Regardless of what time you come to adore, please be mindful of the atmosphere of reverent silence in the adoration chapel and be charitable to other adorers, as well as to your own child(ren). Keep your children occupied with books or a quiet activity. Do not bring snacks or drinks into the chapel. Stay only as long as the children can handle it. Should your children get fussy, please take them out so as not to disturb the other adorers. SILENCE should be the norm.

Custodians, we ask that you, in return, are charitable to parents who are bringing their families to adoration. Please help and support them as they give this wonderful gift to their children.

General Information for Adorers:

• When you sign up for an hour of Adoration – to be a Custodian – you are making a weekly, ongoing commitment to Our Lord, not just a one-day, one-time commitment.

• Please arrive a few minutes early and stay for your full hour. If there are many people in the chapel during your hour, don’t assume they are Custodians. They may be visitors and may not be able to or plan to stay for the whole

• Use your “Custodian” badge to indicate you are a Custodian to others present. This helps foster community and enables those present in the chapel to know who is just visiting and who will stay the whole hour.

• Get to know the other Custodians in your hour, as well as those in the hours beforeand after yours. This not only fosters community, but it also makes it easier to know who the Custodians are versus who are visitors.

• We suggest making a Group text or Group email with the other Custodians in your hour in case you cannot make your hour due to illness or vacation. You may want to make additional groups for the Custodians before and after your hour as well should the need arise to contact them.

Arriving at the Chapel:

• Arrive with enough time to sign-in and get settled by the top of the hour. Custodian from the previous hour must wait for you to arrive before they can leave, so please arrive five to ten minutes early. This is ESPECIALLY important for late night/early morning Custodians.

• The chapel doors will be locked between 7:00 pm and 7:00 am.

• Their are two chairs for custodians that sit by the door, if more than two custodians are present during one hour allow each custodian to sit inside the chapel so all have time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

• If you are a Custodian there for your assigned hour or if you are subbing for some other Custodian sign is as the following  example” Maria sub for Carmen Rentas” and then sign your name.

Leaving at the End of your Hour

• Ensure that there is at least one Custodian present for the next hour.

• If no Guardian is present for the next hour, please do NOT leave Jesus unattended!

o Wait for another Custodian to arrive

o Late night/early morning Custodian should make text/email lists to quickly contact the next Custodian should the need to leave early or be late occur.

Finding a Substitute

• To ensure the success of Eucharistic Adoration, every Custodian must find someone to cover any hour he or she will miss. If you cannot make your hour, it is your responsibility to find someone who can take your place. Failure of the presence of a custodian will cause for the Lord to be reposed by a Deacon or a Priest. Do NOT assume someone else will be there. We suggest the following methods be used to best find a substitute.

• Follow as many of the steps below as necessary to confirm that at least one Custodian will be present during the hour. Once you have confirmed a Custodian will be there, you are all set.

o First, contact a family member or trusted friend to see if they can cover your time slot. This can expand our list of Custodians if they enjoy it, so please evangelize and invite. Allow the Holy Spirit to create more Custodians by inviting those close to you.

o Second, contact any other Custodians in your time slot to let them know you won’t be there and to confirm they will be there. A Group text or Group email makes this quick and easy.

o Third, contact your Adoration Coordinators if you are unable to ensure that you have a sub. Do NOT leave our Lord alone EVER.

Unusual Situations

Security-Related Information

• Any time

  1. In case of an intruder or visitor profaning or threatening the Blessed
    Sacrament, the altar, etc., call 911. Report to the Adoration Coordinators and thePastor will be notified.
  2. A visitor using the Adoration Chapel for shelter:
    If a visitor is obviously using the chapel for shelter and not for prayer during business hours, please contact the main office and report to the Adoration Coordinators. It is important to get the person’s name and description for reporting purposes. If the visitor is disruptive or irreverent in any way, Call 911.

Send Us Your Feedback

Your Eucharistic Adoration Team wants to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, unanswered questions, or answered prayers by writing the Adoration Coordinators We WELCOME feedback!!