Movimiento de Cursillos De Cristiandad

Our organization involves a retreat and follow-up which invites men and women to a deeper experience of Christian community and to build a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

The History of Cursillo

Cursillo Movement is a recognized Movement in the whole world. In US we are incorporated to National Cursillo Movement based in Texas. For more information, please visit the organization’s national website at

Our Mission

Prepare leaders during a Cursillo retreat weekend having the opportunity to have an encounter with Jesus and members of the church with the mission to evangelize in everywhere starting in their home and all places they are.

How to Join

Participate in a three days retreat (Cursillo weekend) to become a Cursillista and members of the Cursillo Movement.


The Cursillo Movement celebrates four Cursillo weekend retreats, two for men and two for women, per year. After their retreat, the new Cursillista will incorporate to their parish meeting (Ultreya) and to the School of leaders. Both gatherings has the purpose to persevere, to get formation, to organize local or dioceses level activities either for evangelizing purpose and/or to fund-raise.


Wednesday night in the chapel after Spanish Mass.

Head of Ministry

Lyda Haddad
Phone: 646-724-4690

Lay Director, Diocese of Orlando

Gloria Fuentes
Phone: 407-255-0152

Lyda Haddad

Gloria Fuentes