What is Compass? 

A 6 week small group Catholic Bible Study, with Imprimatur from The Most Reverend John Noonan, Bishop of Orlando. The study helps participants learn and apply the Biblical principles of how to manage their money and possessions, and provides a direct link between our faith and how we live on a daily basis. Each week’s study includes the following: Relationship building through small group environment; Bible reading; questions and discussions; practical financial application of faith principles; and prayer.

Compass Financial Ministry Vision

Our vision is to teach Catholics Biblical financial principles so they are fully engaged in their faith journey, free from financial obligations and fulfilling the unique purpose God has for them. God has put it on our hearts to reach 40 million Catholics around the world over the next 20 years. We will focus on six languages, which cover 70% of the world’s Catholic population (English; Spanish; French; German; Portuguese and Polish). This is a God sized goal and we cannot accomplish this through our own efforts, but with God’s help (and yours) we know that it can be done.