Confessions will take place on Saturday, May 30th from 7:00am to 9:00am in the Church.  Please wear mask and gloves and remember to keep social distance while waiting on line.   God bless.....


Join us this Saturday, May 30th at 5:00pm in English and 7:00pm in Spanish, as we Celebrate our First Mass after almost 90 days of closure.  On Sunday our Masses in English will be at 8:00am and 10:00am and in Spanish at 12:00noon.  There will be no Mass at 6:00pm until further notice.

Please remember to keep social distance, wear masks at all time and come early.  The doors will closed as soon at the Mass starts.

God bless you and see you then.

Prayerfully Returning to our Parish!!!!

Our Parish is open for Daily Mass.......
Join our Mass in English at 10:00am Monday thru Friday
join our Mass in Spanish at 11:00 am Monday thru Friday

We are working very hard to keep our church desinfected and safe... Please remember that you must wear Masks...

We appreciate your Cooperation... God Bless



Early registrations for Faith Formation will be available online starting Monday, May 11th, 2020.

Go to and click on the Faith Formation tab and then click on faith formation registration to sign up you children and youth.  Please note that due to the COVID19 this will be the only way of registrations for this year.


Las inscripciones para Formación de Fe (Educación Religiosa) están

nuevamente disponibles en Línea

empezando Mayo 11, 2020.

Por favor entre al sitio web de nuestra


En el menú haga click en Faith Formación y click en Faith Formación Registración. Por favor asegúrese de registrar a su hijo/hija en línea ya que debido al COVID19 esta es la

única forma de registración que ofreceremos en estos momentos.


Social Media

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Emergency News

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Parish has had to make a lot of changes to keep everybody safe. We know that through this difficult moment it is important that we stay connected to God in prayer even if we don’t go to mass. Starting next week we will be having the Blessed Sacrament exposed inside where the window of the Chapel in the Church is located. We will be having a tent with benches so you can sit outside an pray. No one will be able to enter the Church or Chapel at anytime. 
The Office will be closed until further notice, we will only be able to receive phone calls if you have any questions regarding these temporary changes. Let’s have patience and take precautions during this difficult time so that we can all stay safe. 

Debido al coronavirus, la parroquia ha tenido que hacer muchos cambios para mantener a todos a salvo. Sabemos que durante este momento difícil es importante que nos mantengamos conectados con Dios en la oración, incluso si no vamos a misa. A partir de la próxima semana tendremos el Santísimo Sacramento expuesto en el interior donde se encuentra la ventana de la Capilla en la Iglesia. Tendremos una carpa con bancas para que puedas sentarte afuera a orar. Nadie podrá entrar a la Iglesia o Capilla en ningún momento.

La oficina estará cerrada hasta nuevo aviso, solo podremos recibir llamadas telefónicas si tiene alguna pregunta sobre estos cambios temporales. Tengamos paciencia y tomemos precauciones durante este momento difícil para que todos podamos estar seguros.