Young Adults

Young Adult Ministry

Our Mission

To stand firm in our Faith, as well as be a continual source of nourishment for each other and the world around us by:
1. Connecting to Jesus Christ.
2. Connecting to the Church.
3. Connecting to the missions of the world of the Church.

How to Join
        Are you a young adult? Then simply show up! We do really encourage you to take the risk to be part of something great. We welcome you to a judgment free zone in which together we will be molded into soldiers of Christ.

Our Vision
St. Isaac Jogues young Adults Ministry is a ministry dedicated to bring young adults closer to the Heart of the Church.  To that end, we commit to:

-Be a productive ministry in the St. Isaac Jogues’ parish community in which young adults can learn more about their faith,and share one’s own ideas and beliefs.
– Be a source for those young adults that thirst and hunger to do more by providing a place filled with young  adults of various walks of life that builds a strong relationship and sense of worth.
– Provide social environments for young adults to live our faith free from external influences.
– Practice habits that lead towards a better relationship with God.
-Involve more praise and worship  and Holy hour adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Core Team:
-Gabriela Lebron

-Luis Gonzalez

-Carla Martinez

-Bradley Ortiz


Sundays at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m in Modular B
Feel free to contact us via email:


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