Arts and Environment

The Art & Environment team is a group of artists of various disciplines that come together and attempt to create a liturgical environment that fosters a sense of the sacred. This space speaks of the mystery of God, praises God, and speaks to us about who we are as God’s children working to build up the Kingdom.


To enhance the church, chapel and Eucharistic chapel through use of flowers, plants, banners for the sacramental celebrations and parish events, including retreats and fund raisers. We enhance our celebrations and environments in conjunction with the Guidelines of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.


This ministry has been in existence since 1987.


Saturdays at 8am in the Flower Room on St. Isaac Jogues property; Also as needed for events and celebrations.

Other Information

This ministry also runs in accordance with the Diocese of Orlando, Art and Environment liturgical ministry.

Head of Ministry

Patricia Jones

Phone: 321-945-8770

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharistic assist the Priest during Mass to help in the distribution of the Eucharist and Precious Blood. They are typically scheduled to serve at the Mass they normally attend and occasionally for special Holy Day Masses. Those wishing to serve as Extraordinary Ministers must be:

  • Must be fully initiated Catholics
  • Must have received Sacraments of Baptisms, Confirmation, & Eucharist
  • If married, must be married within the Church and live according to Church teachings.

Each Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist is faithful, reverent and dedicated to serving the Lord. If you are interested in serving in this ministry please write a letter to Father Jose indicating:

  • Why you feel God calling you to serve in this ministry?
  • What the Eucharist means to you?
  • How active you are in the Church.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the parish office or ministry coordinator.


Maribel Carmona


Assistant Coordinator

Kevin Erhart