General Session

General Session

Seeks to bring Young people Closer to God and to find a faith building community through their fellow youth, that they are able to share their faith and be confident at the moment to stand up for it. It is organize in a general session where youth are given tools and materials to build their faith and in a fun way learn about God and the Catholic teachings.

It’s a way for youth to get out of the routine and come to share a wonderful time with other youth and get to know new people and over all people of God. Another achievement youth ministry wants to accomplish is helping youth become part of the community of St. Isaac Jogues that they are able to find their gifts and talents and use them serving their community in the multiple ministries it has. Finding their vocation and purpose in life is another amazing part of growing up and youth ministry wants for every youth to be able to discover who they really are in the hands of God our Creator and Savior.

Over all youth ministry wants to help every youth to have that special encounter with God, that they are able to trust him over all things and also that they become one with Him and in Him, learning to appreciate and finding the true meaning of the Sacraments, the Eucharist and of their Faith. If they are able to love God they will be able to find the true source of their happiness and purpose, while making good decisions in their lives and living a safe and wonderful experience here in earth to later be able to join the eternal happiness in heaven.

Youth Ministry General Session; meets every Sunday in the Social Hall From 7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m.

This Ministry is just for High School Kids 9th through 12th Grade.

8th graders follow a different process for Faith Formation and Catechesis.