General Session

The St. Isaac Jogues Youth Ministry allows youth to get out of the routine, spend time with other youth, and get to know new people and over all people of God. We seek to bring young people closer to God, and bring them a fellowship community where they can share their faith.

The St. Isaac Jogues Youth Ministry also seeks to enable our youth to become an active and influencing part of the community of St. Isaac Jogues. We provide our youth the tools so they can find their gifts and talents, and use them serving their community within the parish’s multiple ministries.

Finding your vocation and purpose in life is an amazing part of growing up. St. Isaac Jogues Youth Ministry wants for every youth to be able to discover who they really are, in the hands of God our Creator and Savior.

The Youth Ministry meets Sunday nights from 7:00pm – 9:00pm at the Social Hall of the Church.

For additional information, contact Miss Valeria Lebron, Youth Ministry Director, (407) 249-0906.