Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

* Updated August 30, 2021

How do I register my child for Sacramental Preparation?

The Faith Formation and Sacramental Preparation programs run from September – May, concurrent with the school year. Registrations occurred online only from May – July. Registrations are now closed and all classrooms are full.

Someone told me that my child must have two years of faith formation before they can receive their First Holy Communion. Is this true?

To receive their first Reconciliation and first Holy Communion, the church teaches that the person must be baptized and has reached the age of reason (usually 7 or older and in 2nd grade or higher.) The person should also be formed in their faith before they begin Sacramental Preparation. Our parish, along with most others, requests that the person completes at least one year of formal Faith Formation, either at a Catholic parish or at a Catholic school.

Are Faith Formation classes offered in person?

For Faith Formation Year 2021-2022, we will offer classes both in person and virtually. Please review our Parent Resources Page for class times.