Adult Faith Formation

Our Mission

To continue the education of Catholic adults in their knowledge of Church doctrine, dogma, mission and teachings.

How to Join

Are you an adult? Then simply show up! We do require that you have a desire to learn. If you are reading this, you’ve already taken that first step.

How We Started

This class was created back in 2008 to comply with the Church’s mandate to form an inter-generational and adult continuing education program. We are honored to serve the community in this manner and hope that all adults will take advantage of this great opportunity to develop and strengthen their faith. With that being said, grab a friend, spouse, cousin, parent, co-worker or that non-practicing Catholic you have debates with. We are confident you will have that “I remember that!” or “I did not know that!” moment if you come. The cost is free to go with our no-risk, money-back guarantee!


Head of Ministry

Karen Duffy

Phone: 407-249-0906 (parish office)

Director of Faith Formation

Mike Baker

Phone: 407-249-0906 x124



Classes on hold until further notice. (Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the resources on “FORMED”).