CHOSEN is an extension of Youth Ministry prepare in a catechetical way, where youth have their catechist and book to go over the main and most important facts of our catholic teachings and faith. It is design to help youth get that lifelong faith formation and most importantly develop that relationship with God.

Youth go through many difficulties while growing up specially because their lack of experience and sometimes matureness, CHOSEN is trying to help them discover their way up to the Lord integrating the most important skills and values they need for life, Confidence, Self-esteem, Respect, Love, God, a voice to speak out but also the skill to be able to listen and evaluate what is better and what’s not so good for their lives.

Some kids haven’t had the chance to participate in a faith formation program since childhood and they usually  miss the importance of being part of a faith community, CHOSEN is trying to bring that up not only on to them but also to their families so they can all start the journey of faith together, as a Spanish saying “Families that pray together stay together” and as a reality in our society we need to encourage a prayer life in teens but most importantly in families to keep them Christ centered.

CHOSEN Catechesis; meets in Modular D every Sunday from 7:00p.m. To 9:00p.m.

This Ministry is just for High School Kids 9th through 12th Grade.

8th graders follow a different process for Faith Formation and Catechesis.